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Diş Seti

Diş seti tipleri

Diş setleri ele alındığında: dişlerin gövdeye göre, sağa ve sola çıkıntı yapmaları, şerit testerenin serbest kesim yapmasını sağlar.

Standard set (SD)

The standard set is an all-purpose set for cutting thicknesses of more than 5 mm with steels, castings and hard non-ferrous metals. With constant tooth pitch, the set sequence is left/right/straight. With variable tooth pitch, one tooth in each toothing interval is unset. The remaining teeth in the interval are recurrently set left/right.

Staggered set (SFN)

The various set widths make it possible to divide the cutting channel more effectively and this, in turn, helps improve performance and extends the blade life.

Group set (GS)

For band saw blades in the tooth pitch range of 4-18 tpi, improved surface quality is ob-tained with group set.

Wavy set (WS)

We recommend wavy set for material dimensions of up to 5 mm, like sheets, thin-walled tubes and profiles.

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